St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha, Nigeria

Mortuary Services

Acceptance and embalmment of bodies Storage facilities for both local and international deposited corpses Full autopsy review per request Facilities for Ambulance / Hearse services

Dental Surgical Services

This unit has a dentist and dental therapist a visiting dental surgeon. The dental clinic runs daily. Sub-Sections Dental extraction Scaling and polishing Amalgam filling Fabrication of dentures and dental artifacts

Dialysis Services

Cannulation Full dialysis of clients Specific machines for n0ninfected and infected patients

Pharmaceutical Services

The hospital has a central pharmacy that controls all the drug activity of the hospital. This pharmacy is controlled by three pharmacists – the superintendent pharmacist with a masters’ degree and two other certified pharmacists. There are many other pharmacy technicians and assistants. The pharmacy runs all day and has different outlets for easier distribution […]

Imaging and X-ray services

Digital x-ray with fluoroscopy system Computerized Axial Tomographic Scan (32-slides CT Scan) Ultrasonographic imaging with provision for small part imaging Endoscopic studies of the upper gastro-intestinal tracts Phototherapy Immunization and circumcisions

Laboratory / Diagnostics Services

Fully automated hem0-analysis Microbiologic and parasitological services Fully automated and computerized chemo-analysis Immuno-assay for immunologic complexes HIV-AIDS assessment tests


General SurgeryThis unit has a Consultant Surgeon and a medical Officer Paediatric SurgeryThis unit has a consultant surgeon and a medical officer Orthopaedics/TraumatologyThis unit has two Consultant Surgeons and a medical officer UrologyThis unit has one consultant, with a medical officer helping. This unit undertakes endoscopic surgery. In all, there are two surgical wards – […]

Internal medicine

Cardiology Nephrology (with Renal Dialysis) Public Health This unit has four consultants (two public health physicians, one cardiologist and one nephrologist) and three medical officers. The renal dialysis unit has 8 beds and 4 dialysis machines. It runs a 24-hr service. The cardiology unit takes both electrocardiogram and echocardiogram diagnoses. There are two medical wards […]